Nail Fail :: Dashing Diva


Ok, I know what you’re thinking.. “They look soo pretty tho! How can they be a fail?!” Hear me out..

As much as I love being proud of how long I can now grow my nails out now (which really isn’t that long but I’ve struggled for years with nail growth due to my thyroid issues), I always end up chipping or breaking a nail due to their weakness. That lead me to my love of press-on nails, especially the ones by Kiss Beauty. Not only are they beautiful and fit my nails almost perfectly, they’ve also upped the press-on game and have very strong adhesive gel-like stickers that have mega hold, even when you’re rough on your hands like I am.

That being said, while I was at Sally Beauty recently, I came across this gorgeous set of nails by Dashing Diva called “Brave New World” that caught my eye. They were a beautiful combo of matte and chrome and I had to have them. I had never heard of the brand but since it was being sold in Sally’s I figured it has to be good quality. They boasted “no glue = no nail damage” so I assumed that must mean that they have the super strong adhesive like the Kiss nails do.

When it came time to put them on, I followed the recommended prep steps like I always do, to help ensure I get the most life out of them as I can. After application, I began customizing their length to better suit my needs, which went fairly well.. except I noticed some of the nails felt a little loose so I added some extra time/pressure to make sure they were stuck on well. After I completed my kickass looking manicure, I took a photo and then started to clean up. During that time, the chrome nails popped right off and refused to re-stick. Then some of the matte nails jumped ship as well.

I know what you’re thinking.. “Just grab some glue and re-attach them silly!” well, yes, I could do that, HOWEVER the brand is boasting that no glue is needed and promoting no damage done by using glue, so I would assume that the adhesive is supposed to be strong and NOT fall off the way it did.

dashingdiva01I was bummed. Super bummed actually, because they looked really pretty and I would have loved to rock that look for a while. That being said, I decided to post the photo on Instagram anyways and include my thoughts, as well as tagging the company so that if they had anything to say in their defense that I would give them the opportunity to comment. I wanted to be fair and give my honest impression but also hoped I would get some sort of response, even if it was a generic cut and paste that their pr company said to say whenever things like this happened but instead all I saw was them liking the photo, then un-liking it (probably due to reading what it actually said). That was it. I just shrugged it off made note to myself that maybe their social media isn’t as high a priority as some companies and just let it go.

dashingdiva02A few days go by, and then this happens.. So, not only did they like/un-like my photo and not respond, they decided to take the photo and post it on their account without my caption. At least they tagged me in it I guess. That being said, I left a comment, as seen in the photo, expressing my thoughts. Thinking nothing of it and going about my day, I had forgotten about it until a few hours had passed and I decided to check IG to see if maybe I missed a notification or something.. nope. And on top of that, my comment had been deleted. Soo basically it is ok for them to use my photo but not to include my thoughts? Hrmm.. seems a bit shady if you ask me. So of course I had to reach out at that point because I couldn’t just ignore it anymore..


What you see to your left is the DM between myself and the brand. Yes, I was a little salty, but lets be honest, I had the right to be, didn’t I? I was just baffled by the fact that they couldn’t take a moment to comment but could take the time to use an app/program to acquire my photo to re-post for their own needs? And come on, lets be real here.. it was no mistake that my negative comment was deleted. Also, what kind of bs is “we meant to post another photo and accidentally posted yours and didn’t notice..” I’m sorry, what? What kind of social media person does not notice what they are posting??? A beauty brand normally pays very high attention to their social media accounts and makes sure only approved photos are used and they usually have them planned out so that they have plenty of content to use over time. Saying mine was posted on accident is total bullshit because 1. they had to do something to acquire it themselves since they did not ask me for the original file and 2. they tagged me in it, so they obviously knew where it came from. And again, they STILL didn’t say anything about my concerns, other than ” you can email customer service if there is an issue”.. the whole post started because I had an issue, you are aware of my issue, you’re choosing to completely ignore it and spin it for your own growth. Again, I’m flattered that my photo was up to your standards and worth posting to your followers.. but I’m starting to wonder where those standards are actually set.

Now, there are a lot of factors that could be at play here.. maybe that particular set that I purchased had been sitting on the shelves for a long time and somehow lost adhesive-ness, maybe they were defective, maybe that’s just how they are. Who knows really. I was considering reaching out to the company but after the interaction on social media I feel like they’re just going to blame me and try to tell me I didn’t apply them correctly or something or just ignore me with an auto-message system. I’ll be honest, I kinda expected them to be more “Oh no! We’re sorry you had a bad experience with our products, lets discuss it more” as most of the beauty brands I’ve interacted with are pretty outstanding with their customer service, including that on socials. If you’re going to take the time to use someones photo off social media, why not take the time to address their concerns on social media as well? I’m so turned off by this brand now and that sucks because they probably have some great products that I would enjoy but now I’ll never know because I’m not about to spend my money on something that may or may not do what it says.

Have you had an experience with their products? Good or bad, let me know! I would love to hear from people that have had nothing but success with their products and/or customer service to show that maybe this was a fluke experience. Or maybe this is a usual situation and I’m not alone. Either way, I’m bummed about the whole situation and wanted to elaborate a little more than on IG.