When Its 2AM And I Can’t Sleep..

Well, the title says it all. Josh is sound asleep next to me and I’m over here restless and fidgety because my brain/sleep disorder hates me.

On a good note, it’s been coming up with all sorts of ideas to get back into blogging again so that’s good at least. It’s hard to motivate yourself to post when you’re not sure what other people want to see but that’s gotta change. Even if I start with simple little posts like this from time to time, hopefully that will get be back into the grove and inspire me to do more. Sometimes I lose focus and then my anxiety/depression picks up and makes me wonder if I should even bother.. it’s time I start telling myself “Yes. Yes I should.”

I have a few ideas I wanna try out that may or may not make keeping up with my blog easier but I’ll never know until I try so why not eh?

One of the hardest parts for me is finding time to set aside and “just do it”. It feels like every time I make a plan to work on a blog post, I get called to cover at work or something else pops up, putting the blog to the side again.

For those of you that blog, what do you do? How do you keep yourself from losing motivation?

Tomorrow (well, technically today) I’m going to work on an interview to post on here.. as long as I don’t get called in to work early again.

It’s time to get things moving again.