“I Thought You Were Back?”

About that.. mental health is a funny, unpredictable thing. Sometimes when you think you are back to “normal” it laughs at you and causes more havoc. I really did want to get back into the swing of things on here back in January but life decided otherwise and for that I apologize for the delay.

Before you ask “are you ok?” or “is everything alright?”, the answer is yes, I’m fine, thank you. Anxiety and depression are not a fun combination most times. Thankfully, the majority of my anxiety is under control through medication but sometimes it can still effect me. As for the depression, its usually not constant and the anxiety medication often helps control that as well. The problem is when I have multiple things going on or on my “to-do” list and I get overwhelmed easily and that triggers the anxiety which often leads to depression. One of the hardest parts of that is pulling yourself out of that funk and getting back on track. Sometimes when you think you’re out of it, you feel a little push and you’re right back in that hole.. but you always know that its just temporary and that you can and will get out of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fact that I haven’t had a therapy session since October plays into this a little as well (changing states/insurances makes things tough). I’ve considered getting a new therapist but I have a special connection to my therapist in CT. Anyways, we can get into that another time..

That being said, I’m getting aggressive towards the blahs and trying to help pull myself out of that hole and go back to being happy and productive. Hopefully that means a lot more posting, especially with the weather getting nicer, which always helps. I’m also going to take a more casual approach to posting as well, treating this more like a blog/journal than a website. I have soo many things I look forward to sharing with everyone from the past few months (yes, there were some positives during that down time) and will be backdating some entries, which I will then make a post letting you know what I have added.

As always, I appreciate that you take a moment out of your life to check in on mine, even if its from afar or to see what I have to say about things. I always welcome comments and suggestions, all I ask is that if you have something rude-ish to say, at least be polite about it and don’t post something just to be a jerk (because it will be deleted if you do).